Robin Hood Shooting into Nottingham Castle

The mould was made from natural slate for the British Flat Figure Society.The engraving is based on the artwork "Robin Hood Shooting into Nottingham Castle" by the English illustrator and caricaturist John Millar Watts, who's famous primarily for his historical comics that were published in various magazines in the 1950's.

John Millar Watts. "Robin Hood Shooting into Nottingham Castle"

Out of Millar Watts' many illustrations of Robin Hood this one was selected for the interesting silhouette formed by the character's outline. The position of the figures in the final engraving has been slightly altered to maintain overall balance in the composition. It was decided that the figure should be about 50 mm high. Mike Taylor, who participated in the  debates over the selection and plotting of the engraving, states in his letter that: 

"I also hope that you are now back on the Robin Hood figure and that it is going well.
Do keep in touch. 
Your friend.Mike."

The most сomplicated part of the whole process turned out to be the casting of the mould, that took about a week to do.

Mould and engraving.