Victory Parade

Once, a comrade, friend, and colleague of mine from Moscow named Zhenya Bekhard called me and exclaimed: "Guess what, man? I was visiting my favorite little museum the other day and focused in on the huge miniature model of the Victory Parade there and just got around to reading the sign next to it about the artist who made the diorama. It turns out it is Vladimir Nikolaevich Nuzhdin! Is that the same Nikolaevich you keep talking about?" I laughed and replied: "Of course not. How many Nikolaeviches do you know in Russia?"


Of course not. It was not he who dreamed up the concept of such a grandiose monumental work, and certainly not he who, thanks to his talent, hoped to eternalize the heroic feat of his people in the Second World War. Nor was it he who watched countless miles of both black-and-white and color videos of the Parade, in order to diligently research, while tracking down and interviewing those still-living veterans. Not the one who scrupulously took note of each banner, medal, and uniform. Not the one who for two years slaved over the creation of thousands of miniature figures, a perfect model of the Kremlin walls and pavers. And, thus, also not the one whose twenty-foot diorama sits in the same room as the original victory banner that was hoisted atop the defeated Third Reich in 1945. Maybe there aren't enough Nikolaeviches in Russia...?


Video about Victory Parade